got gmrs t-shirt
got gmrs back

Radios Across America is now offering our own T-Shirt designs through Bonfire.  One of our goals is to promote Radios Across America and the other is to promote General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) to friends & families across the United States. 

Tim came up with the “Got GMRS?” from the old “Got Milk?” slogan used in the 1990’s.  The front of the t-shirt is certain to get people asking you about GMRS when you are wearing your t-shirt. The back displays the Radios Across America logo, so if they don’t ask you specifically about GMRS they will at least call or email us and ask us about it. 

GMRS is not only a good way to keep in touch with friends and family on a daily basis, but it’s especially useful in case of emergency.  GMRS radios are easy to use and it’s also easy to get an FCC license.

Shirts are available in four styles, and various sizes and colors.  You can purchase them by visiting our webpage “Got GMRS? T-Shirts”  or clicking on the button below