Radios Across America LLC


image of three different radios capable of GMRS operationRadios Across America is your full-service GMRS solutions provider with radios, antennas, cable, power supplies, connectors, adapters, mounting brackets, speaker/microphones, batteries, chargers, and everything you need for a complete GMRS installation in your home or vehicle. We service what we sell and can even install your radio system. We offer new Maxon and RCA mobiles and handhelds and refurbished Kenwood mobiles. Our new radios carry the full factory warranty of 1, 2 or 3 years, with extended warranties available on some models. Our refurbished radios carry 90-day parts and labor warranty. Keep checking back because we’re adding new models regularly or sign-up for regular updates.

When your business needs communications, cell phones are not always the right answer or best fit. Two-way radios from Radios Across Americaimage of three commercial radios by Maxon LLC will fill the need for instant communications in areas where cell phone coverage is spotty or non-existent or when you need a one-to-many communication solution. Notify the whole fleet at once, when important information needs to be relayed. Allow workers in the field to collaborate and solve problems in real-time. High-powered mobile radios permanently mounted in your vehicle fleet allow always-available communications in any situation.
Do you just need communications around your campus, store, warehouse, or office? We’ve got you covered there, too. With affordable handheld radios programmed on licensed or unlicensed channels, the same reliable communications can be accomplished whether it’s for daily use or for special events. Contact Radios Across America today for a consultation.

image of antennasEvery radio user – whether GMRS or Business (Commercial) – needs accessories to finish out their radio system. Whether it’s an antenna, cable assembly, mounting bracket, spare battery, speaker-mic, power supply, cabinet, external speaker or tripod and mast, Radios Across America can provide it. We even install what we sell. Questions? Contact us for a free phone consultation or start shopping by clicking the category below.